Private courses are offered to people who prefer to work alone with a teacher and choose their own programme, timetable, day and frequency stuiting their needs.

Languages offered
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Rumanian, Farsi, Greek.

Specialised courses according to the objectives and the profession of the participants are offered..
They can be specifically  based on the oral, which allows the learner to gain confidence in the language and prepare a conference, a presentation, receive clients, answer the phone or simply speak with foreign people during their holiday or in everyday life..
More defined and interactive courses are also offered in order to prepare participants to all possible examinations and tests, at all levels or to improve their grammar, their spelling, even in ttheir own language..

Themes and sectors
Finance, bank, economy, protection, travel, insurance, telecommunication, computing, distribution, medical, law, commercial, edition, car, general.

Our qualified and experienced language trainers are mother tongue or totally bilingual. To enable our school to be up to date, they take part, each year, to a various range of professional development courses. Moreover our material and equipment are constantly modernised.

Meal with the trainer
Combine learning with recreation! At lunch break, a private course can also be taken outside the school and take place around a meal in a restaurant. The accent will be put on conversation covering subjects chosen by the participant. The trainer’s meal is also paid by the participant.

Price per person – 1 lesson (60 minutes)
For students from 17 years old
• Private course (1 person)
1 lesson CHF 110
10 lessons subscription CHF 950
20 lessons subscription CHF 1’850

• Semi-private course (2 people)
1 lesson CHF 60.-
10 lessons subscription CHF 500
20 lessons subscription CHF 950

• Semi-private course (3 people)
1 lesson CHF 45
10 lessons subscription CHF 400
20 lessons subscription CHF 650

For teenagers up to 16 years old
• Private course (1 person) CHF 75
• Semi-privaet course (2 people) CHF 40
• Semi-private course (3 people) CHF 30


This course is chosen by people who need to learn rapidly and orally a foreign language, to recover the level obtained a few years before or to perfect their knowledge within a short time.
This course is only organised privately, over one or two week period, from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm, with a rotation of teachers, all lunch meals taken in a restaurant with the teacher are included in the price.

CHF 3’700 per week

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