– gain confidence in own skils
– increase motivation
– become an autonomous learner
– keep up-to-date with the school syllabus

Levels and programme
5th to 8th year Harmos
– Interactive, playful and creative activities allow the learners to set out to explore the language and strengthen their skills.
– All language skills are employed (reading, writing, speaking and listening), with the main focus being on spoken communication.
– learning support

Weekly follow-up
– learner’s presence in class
– accomplished learning tasks
– observations about learner’s progress, weaknesses, attitude

Why choose this course?
– qualified and experienced native speaker educators
– regular reports (twice a month)
– personalised support
– supplementary materials if needed
– pleasant classrooms

Frequency, times, and prices
– once a week
– 60 minutes
– day of the week by arrangement
– 12.15-13.15 or 17.00-18.00

Groups of 4 to 6 learners: CHF 25,- per participant for 60 minutes
Group of 2 learners: CHF 40,- per participant for 60 minutes
One-to-one course: CHF 75,- for 60 minutes

Registration per trimester
– 08/01/2018 to 30/03/2018 (11 lessons – holidays from 17/02 to 25/02/2018)
– 16/04/2018 to 07/07/2018 (11 to 12 lessons, depending on public holdays)
– 04/09/2017 to 23/12/2017 (10 lessons – holidays from 07/10 to 22/10/2017)

When registering
Interview between the parents, the child and a pedagogical advisor of Wessex Academy to define the needs and expectations of the learner




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